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LOTD: Black and Chic

LOTD: Lingerie of the day

90 percent of the time I wear black lingerie, no matter what the occasion, 
it makes me feel confident and powerful.
I do wear peach or "nude" for white blouses though.


Sorry of the blurry and low quality photos,
I've tried other cameras but my iPad is best to take from this angle and
 the lighting is pretty bad in my room :/
I have to invest in some lighting equipments soon.
If you have any suggestions, please hit me up!



Knickers - Peach John Bamboo Boyleg(discontinued)
Nylons - Leg Avenue 1000


  1. Sorry to sound like an absolute creep... ( I know keep popping up and you must be sick of me aha!) No no! Keep wearing black, I agree with you. It is a powerful colour, it's a beautiful and deep colour. Recently I've been obsessed with black, pink and white for some reason. The lingerie pieces you have are lovely! Love the bullet! I can't wait to shed a few pounds so I try similar pieces too. Absolutely love it!

    Your lightening is fine! All you need is a soft box, tripod and reflector is all. You can find them cheap enough on Ebay :)

    I know a lot of people are currently wearing studded garters, flowers and fluff on bras which is very cute. But I do love the traditional items you have here though, I do miss seeing just the plain and simple from time to time. They were simply timeless! x

    1. Hey, not at all! I'm so happy to see all your comments(*'ω'*)♥
      Bullet bra has been my staple, since I wear alot of vintage/reproduction clothing, it's necessary when it comes to the silhouette!
      I always wanted to try the studded garters, but when I imagine myself wearing it, I cringe..lol

      I will have a look for cheap but nice equipments on ebay or electric opshops near by! Do you recommend any brands?